Industrial Tyres Amsterdam is a specialist in the supply of industrial tyres and tailor made rims for our customers. In addition, Industrial Tyres sells various products to extend the lifespan of tyres. Tire Life and PSF are examples thereof.

Tire Life

Tire Life is a specially produced, slightly sticky liquid that protects the rubber tyre and rim. During the assembly, Tire Life is simply applied to the tyre. More about Tire Life

PSF Plus

PSF Plus is a liquid that protects the tyre against punctures and tears. The patented mix of corrosion reducing elements, fibres and polymers keep the tyre on the correct pressure and protects the rim against rust and wear and tear. More about PSF Plus

Trojan Tire

The use of the Trojan Tire in pneumatic tires ensures that the benefits of pneumatic tires can be combined with the advantages of solid tires. This combination is very suitable for use with forklifts . Before your Michelin XZM tire on the rim will be fitted, we put in layer by layer in the Trojan Tire. Our staff is special  trained by Trojan Tire. More about Trojan


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