Trojan Tire

Industrial Tyres Amsterdam is the sole distributor of the Trojan Tire for the Benelux. Trojan Tire is the most revolutionary product in the tire industry today. It is used in air filled tires which then gives you all the advantages and benefits of solid tires. This combination is very suitable for fork lift trucks. Get ready for more comfort, more grip and shorter braking distances for your truck while maintaining stability and the absence of punctures.


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    • Better handling


    • Increases safety


    • Environmentally friendly


    • Lowers total cost of ownership


    • Cargo capacity goes up 50 %

The Trojan Tire



At Industrial Tyres Amsterdam we choose to work with the Trojan Tire in XZM Michelin tires. These radial tires for trucks are extremely durable. The combination of Trojan Tire and XZM Michelin tires creates a significantly longer lifespan than solid tires. Up to 2 times longer! This will save you money. But that’s not all.

How is Trojan Tire installed in Michelin Tires?

Before your XZM Michelin tire is mounted on the rim, Trojan Tire is placed in the tyre layer by layer. To do so Industrial Tyres Amsterdam has the right equipment to their disposal and our staff is specially trained. Within 20 minutes, your XZM Michelin tire is transformed, with all the benefits of a solid rubber tire for a much lower price per hour. And you notice no difference in comfort with driving on solid rubber tires. The different layers have a unique patented technology. Due to the air bubbles in the material heat is prevented. This prevents premature wear and extends the life of your tires immensely. There is no similar product with the same benefits as Trojan Tire. Perfect for operating forklifts, Airport GSE Battle pot Carriers, Industrial Transmissions lifters etc.


We offer various options with the Trojan Tyre:


  • The complete tire/wheel combination: XZM Michelin tire with the Trojan Tyre mounted on your rim
  • The XZM Michelin tire with the installed Trojan Tyre: the assembled combination is sent to you so that you can then install it on the rim
  • The installation of the Trojan Tyre in your XZM Michelin tire on your rim: you provide the XZM Michelin + rim and we install the Trojan Tire in your tire and mount it on your rim


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