“A 9 kilometer traffic jam on the A28 to Amersfoort due to a truck accident”, is what you hear almost daily on Dutch radio. Are truck related accidents increasing. And if so, why is that?

The Dutch Traffic Information Service reveals early July that “accidents involving trucks are more often the cause of traffic jams. Whether the increase is due to bad maintenance of trucks or bad driving habits, they could not say. “It is still unclear what the cause of the increase in traffic jams caused by truck accidents. This may be because more trucks driving on sensitive file placed in the Netherlands. In recent years, the increase in any case, it was not as great as in the first months of 2013.”, Patrick Potgraven of the Traffic Information Service explains.

 Trucks and maintenance

So fauwlty maintenance is not the only reason for accidents involving trucks. But drivers can do themselves a favour and for instance take better care of their tyres to avoid accidents. During the summer months blowouts happen more often, “because the summer heat causes an increase in the pressure of tires,” says Marcel Willems Industrial Tyres Amsterdam. Therefore the Dutch VACO Association advises truckdrivers to check their tires monthly while the tires are cold. “Poor tire pressure can cause increased wear. Tires that are 30% underinflated, wear faster. Furthermore, with incorrect tire pressure fuel consumption is higher. ”

Pessures and temperatures

The capacity of a truck tire is determined by the pressure. With these temperatures, a truck tire with underpressure (due to lack of maintenance or leakage) will have an increased teperature inside. “There is more friction with the road, the load is too high and the temperature goes up dramatically so the pressure also increases enormously. If a tire is in good condition with proper tension, it can lose it’s heat. In a lesser state and with underpressure problems occur. ”

Good maintenance saves lives and money

Maintaining your truck tires is vital. It is also better for the environment and your wallet. With Tire Life and PSF you maintain your tires and adds extra security in case of leaks and wear. PSF protects against rust on the rim, quickly and easily fills holes and cracks up to 6.5 mm and extends the life of the tire liner. Tire Life reduces air loss. O-rings, leaking valves, cracked inner liner or even releasing liners are closed by Tire Life.

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